Transactional Analysis Tunbridge wells ButterfliesMy approach to Psychotherapy and Counselling

My approach to Psychotherapy and Counselling is based upon Eric Berne’s theory of Transactional Analysis, at the heart of which lies the equal relationship between therapist and client. I work within the non-judgemental, integrative and humanistic framework of Transactional Analysis, which is founded in the belief that:

  1. We all have equal worth
  2. We all have the capacity to think
  3. We can all change

As a theory, it offers a deeper insight and understanding into our personality, relationships, thoughts, feeling and behaviour, using concepts and a language which is understandable to all and which enables a developing self-awareness. The aim of therapy is not for the therapist to decide what is right for the client, but for the client to become empowered.

The Theory of Transactional Analysis

The theory of TA continues to promote and enable personal growth, change and well-being. It is a talking therapy and is effective in both long and short-term work.

Through a respectful relationship, I work collaboratively with my clients to identify unhelpful patterns and ways of communicating in the world which often stem from unconscious processes developed during childhood. TA provides many useful tools which can be used to develop self awareness and to make lasting changes.