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Michelle Bowman – Postgraduate Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and Counselling.

My Psychotherapy and Counselling Practice is situated in Pembury, just off the A21. I am based 10 minutes from Tunbridge Wells and 15 minutes from Tonbridge. It is in easy reach of towns and villages in West Kent and East Sussex. Sessions take place in a quiet, private, warm and welcoming room in a garden office at my home. I work with clients of all ages and from all walks of life.

I offer a confidential, safe and supportive space in which you can bring any issues, worries, concerns, hopes or dreams that feel relevant or pertinent to you. Only you know what life is like for you. If you choose to come to therapy, I will work empathically alongside you. I will facilitate a space in which you can explore the changes you would like to make and put them into action at the pace that is right for you.

If you would like to book a Free Initial Consultation, contact Michelle Bowman Psychotherapy and Counselling Tunbridge Wells via email, by phone on 07584 373775 or via my Contact Page.

Psychotherapy and Counselling Tunbridge Wells – Opening Hours

My working hours are flexible Monday – Friday. I see clients during the day or in the evening if you need to arrange appointments around work or childcare. Alternatively, I offer online sessions via V-See (an alternative to Skype) if you are unable to travel to Tunbridge Wells. Individual sessions last 50 mintues and information regarding payment and other practicalities can be found on the Fees page.

If you would like any more information about my private practice or about psychotherapy and counselling in general, please contact Michelle Bowman Psychotherapy and Counselling Tunbridge Wells by phone on 07584 373775 or via my Contact Page.


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Why People Seek Psychotherapy And Counselling

People seek psychotherapy and counselling for many different reasons. Some people are struggling in their relationships or wanting to make a significant change in their lives. Many come to therapy feeling low, confused, anxious or depressed. Some may be going through a crisis or have become uncomfortable with a pattern that keeps repeating in their life. Some people may have a clinical mental health diagnosis or just need to talk to someone in confidence.

Many people look for psychotherapy and counselling when they are experiencing difficulties or are in distress. However, the talking therapies can also be of great value to those who are facing a life challenge, who want to get to know themselves better or who are feeling dissatisfied in some way in their lives.

Psychotherapy or Counselling – what is the difference?

The terms psychotherapy and counselling are often used interchangeably in this country. There are indeed many elements which overlap between the two. However, there are also some important disctinctions:

Counselling usually involves short to medium term work. In your sessions, you are likely to explore the resources you already have in order to help you to cope with or change a current situation. You are also likely to be encouraged to find your own answers. In counselling, you will receive confidential support for the current difficulty you are experiencing.

Psychotherapy is usually more in-depth and can involve longer-term work. In psychotherapy, you are likely to look at recurrent feelings and overall patterns and issues in your life. These may have been present since a very young age. Psychotherapy invites you to explore the past and how it is impacting on your present life. Therefore, Psychotherapy aims to resolve past experiences in order to lay a new foundation with new resources for the future.

Psychotherapy or Counselling – How do you know which one is right for you?

Research shows that it is actually the relationship between the client and the therapist that provides the most success in any talking therapy. It can be really useful to meet a few psychotherapy and counselling practitioners before making a decision based on the best fit for you.

Psychotherapy and Counselling Tunbridge Wells – How I Work

Sometimes taking the first step to talk to someone can be very daunting. Choosing the right person to work with is therefore an extremely important part of the process. I am not here to judge you or to give you advice. Rather, I am here to work with you, using my knowledge and training to support you emotionally in gaining personal insight and self-awareness. In this way, you can break away from unhelpful ways of thinking about yourself and others, and discover new ways of being in the world. Change itself can be an incredibly challenging and uncomfortable process, as well as an empowering and exhilarating one. I therefore place great emphasis on creating a holding space in which you can work in a way that is safe, therapeutic and beneficial for you.

Psychotherapy and Counselling Tunbridge Wells – Free Initial Consultation

I offer a FREE Initial Consultation, which provides the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and get a feel for how I work and how Psychotherapy and Counselling may be of benefit to you. During the consultation, I will explain confidentiality in more detail as well as any other practicalities. I may also ask you a few questions in order to gain a general understanding of why you are seeking support at this time. We can then decide whether we would like to go ahead and work together.

Michelle Bowman Psychotherapy and Counselling Tunbridge Wells – Get In Touch

You can contact me via the contact page, email or by phone on 07584 373775 for more information or to book your free initial consultation. Alternatively, please feel free to further explore my website and I wish you all the best in your search for support at this time.


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Michelle Bowman – Psychotherapy and Counselling Tunbridge Wells.